The Stallions provide an opportunity for our players to continue to play the game of football in a controlled, safe, and structured environment. We have a diverse group of players from different walks of life,all brought together by the desire to play football. Our mission is to build a first class minor league football club that embodies professionalism, order, and family affordable entertainment; in doing so, our organization wishes to help with bolstering ties in the community; as well as help to uplift the image of minor league/semi-professional football. 

As most other minor league teams, the Stallions are a not for-profit organization. All coaching, managing and playing is done on a voluntary basis, in addition we charge our players a fee to participate in order to offset some of the cost involved in operating a team. Any donation to the team or individual players would be greatly appreciated. Our players and staff are proud to be  Stallions and we are looking for PROUD players, sponsors and supporters of our program. Read more here
  • Do I get paid to play?
  • Do I buy my own equipment?
  • How old do I have to be?
  • Can I go pro from playing?
  • How do I join?
  • No, you pay a fee to play.
  • Yes, we can direct you.
  • 18 & older.
  • Some players have (AFL, Arena, college,etc.)

"Where does my money go?
Every player is obligated to pay a participation fee of $200 Plus (a newly added) uniform fee of $150 Those fees sustain the team financially.  In addition the player is also responsible for providing his own equipment and transportation. Sponsorship and fundraising events offset some of the financial burden the players may incur (i.e. bus trip expenses lodging etc.).

Commonly a player will ask, “Where does my money go?” In short, the money goes to cover the daily operational expenses of the team.  The cost of a home game including referees, on average is $1000 (multiply that by the number of home games you have). The fee to play in the RFL (which includes event insurance) is $700. Miscellaneous expenditures, laundry, promotion, etc. range from $400-$800. Rarely, if ever, is there any overage of funds. The player, in essence, is paying for a structured safe playing environment. Including preseason, postseason, and scrimmages teams average approximately 12-15 games per season. That breaks down to about $10-$12 per game, a very small price to pay for a game that we all love.

Timely payment of fees will allow for smoother operation of the team. When money (or lack thereof) is an issue, the team’s overall goals may be compromised. In order to prevent any problems stemming from financial non-compliance, a payment schedule is in place and arrangements can be made to accommodate players with financial hardships. However, it is incumbent upon the players to HONOR THE ARRANGEMENTS AND AGREEMENTS that have been put in place to assist them.

Team fees are critical to the existence off all semi-pro/minor league teams, and the Stallions are no exception. With cooperation from players and support from the management we look forward to having a successful season.  I hope I have shed some light on an age old question.
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