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Congatulaions to all the Stallions who were honored by the MLFN .The breakout season allowed many plays to get recognition Go to site for complete listing  HERE

All dressed up with someplace to go; the Jokes and Notes fundraiser was a huge success. The players, their friends, and family had a wonderful, fun-filled time on the team’s first event of the year. The night was filled with laughter and excitement, as the comics entertained the capacity crowd. Not to be out-done, the Stallions very own Magic Jones rushed the stage with his impromptu step show.

The host, Lil Rel took the opportunity to send the crowd into a frenzy when he “kindly” sent Magic on his way. No seemed to enjoy the show more than Chantel Berry, wife of perennial all-league CB Fred Berry.

Chantel will be happy to know, that due to the turn-out plans are already in place for Stallion Comedy Night II.

The Stallions have entered the zone!  In The Zone, to be exact. The team will enter a team in the upcoming spring season of co-ed flag football. The flag team will play under the name Reckless Abandon. The team will be comprised of Stallion players, staff and team supporters. The first game is this Sunday at noon versus Team Teddy. Come check out the action at Dunbar H.S. (31st and King Drive, Chicago IL) this weekend.
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Bradley Back for 2009
by LaToya Forrester & J. Irving

The Alliance Football League has expanded adding local area teams forming the Lake Michigan Division. The local teams will mean less travel and local rivalries. The league is in the process of major expansion. Check the league website for more info.

"It’s About Business" - Roy Jones and Mike "Taker" Maksimik are all about the business.  Both have an entrepreneurial spirit and are doing very well in their respective businesses.  Roy Jones has a janitorial business that is responsible for simply "keeping things clean". Centered in the south suburbs, Roy has been in business for a number of years and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.  Taker, as we affectionately know the computer king of west suburbs, is technologically savvy, reasonably priced, and a great humanitarian.  Taker is one of the Stallion shining stars.  He uses a portion of his financial gains from his highly respected and very profitable business to provide the team during each game and community event with snacks, water and always a helping hand.  Taker has a lucrative computer business that specializes in hardware repair, software updates, server upgrades and management and various computer resources.   He has clients ranging from small businesses to corporate moguls, but his personality and generous heart allows him to be loved by all.  Our Stallions today, but leaders of the business world tomorrow.

Stallion Fever
Just when you thought the Stallions couldn’t top what they have already done to bring excitement to Minor League Football, they have struck again.  The Bulls have the “Lovabulls”, The Cowboys have the “Cowgirls”……….And Now…………………..The Stallions have the “Fever”.  That’s right ladies and gents, the Stallions welcome the “Fever” to the family.  You have not seen halftime like you will see this year.  Some teams just have halftime, but this year at Stallion games you will witness “Fevertime”.  So help us in welcoming the ladies that will represent the 2009 Stallion “Fever”:
Karilyn  Beate  Melanie
Jasmine Pierra Tutu
Shaunti Diamond

Josh Bradley is set to return to the team after missing the entire 2008 season. Bradley suffered an ACL injury in The 1st King's Bowl, and used the 2008 season to re-hab. A multi-talented athlete, Josh handled QB duties in addition to WR. With the QB spot pretty much wrapped up, Josh will concentrate his efforts on becoming a prime target for Brandon Jewett.
The return will add to an already potent WR corps. The Stallions will have the most talented group of recievers in the midwest.
AFL Offensive Player of the Year:
WR Magic Jones
WR Lamon Hudson

AFL Defensive Player of the Year:
LB Keevin Jones
SS Courtney Page
FS Michael Phyfer
CB Fred Berry

AFL Offensive Lineman of the Year:
OT Jerome McCullor
OT Rico Morris

AFL Defensive Lineman of the Year:
DT Michael Norwood Jr.

AFL Rookie of the Year:
RB Ed Clark
LB Kevin Ideweu

AFL Specialist of the Year:
K Sam Onassi
K/P/KR Chris Bush

AFL Executive of the Year:
Reggie Collins

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“Calling someone out”, “putting you on blast” or whatever you want to call it, sometimes you have to name names and hold people accountable for their actions.

I don’t believe in sweeping things under the rug. When a situation needs to be straightened out the worst thing you can do put it off. Prolonging things just makes them worse. In semi-pro this happens all to often.

I call it like I see it, so here it is… (cont.)
Airing Dirty Laundry