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Trash talk is sometimes the lifeline of these MBs. Let’s be real; if you post a charity event or community service project, you will get a few responses with the minimal response of,”good work”, or “nice”. If there is ANYTHING controversial you’ll get 4-5 pages of responses. The MBers love to chime in on the “dirt”. 

Sometimes it gets a little out of control. I’ve seen guys put people’s personal information on the MB. The name-calling can be childish at times too, but it is funny most of the time. It makes my day go by faster. I know some of the MB faithful, and I know of most of them, so I take all most of the stuff in stride. The MBs are the “Semi-Pro Soapboxes” that we use to get our points across and blast the people and the stuff we don’t like. At this level we need a forum like that. The ugly side is that some people get too wrapped up in the trash talk and hold real grudges, and develop “internet enemies”. In other cases phony names are made up to tell people (that you are supposed to be cool with) how you really feel. I am OK with all of that; it brings a little light to the sport at this level. Some leagues will try to take the “high road” and ask that their owners or execs not post. Ha! Good luck with that, those guys are probably the “Clark Kents” behind all these anonymous MB Supermen.

On one hand, if I guy gets too reckless with his posting, maybe he should be “outted” or exposed. But on the other hand, with all of this political correctness and butt kissing, sometimes a good ole MB cyber ghost is needed to knock some of these puffed up “champions” down a few pegs.

Once again the MBs are vital to the promotion of minor league football, good or bad. What do you think?

Cont. Read Full ArticleCheck the Stallion MB. Post your responses, comments or own personal topics and views HERE
The message board forums are a very big part of the Semi-Pro/Minor league football community. It’s like our ESPN or sometimes TMZ. There are no big budgets to be spent on press releases and player profiles so the MBs are a very good way to share information, pub your team, or talk a little trash.
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